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We deal with the wider range of product lines in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry . We offer a complete solution including hardware, software and training .The AEC industry is one of the fast growing industry and work with most of the leading brands who caters to this industry.

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We facilitate the manufacturing industry with simulation, planning, design, construction software so that manufacturers can confidently predict their product performance in real world.

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Media and Entertainment is one of our key division. We offer the complete range of solutions for 3D Animation, Creative Finishing, Games, Rendering, Broadcasting, , Networks, Post-Production Houses and VFX houses.

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Plug ins is one of our core offerings to all the verticals. We are the authorized seller of many global brand plugins in India.

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If you are creating Cinema 4D or working with Body Paint 3D functionality – Maxon provides online resources like video tutorials and online documentation for the same.

BorisFX develops software tools that help achieve the most remarkable visual effects. From creating art to better editing – you can do everything with these tools.

If you are into motion design and visual effects, Video Copilot can help you achieve more with tutorials and enhanced tools.

Flowbox has technologically enhanced tools and intuitive interface that helps you ace visual effects with a brand new software platform.

Ace the art of visual storytelling with NewBlueFX that offers on-air graphics, best video effects, titling tools and transitions!

It's a storefront for pro video plugins from as many as twenty eight different developers. It is responsible for installing and updating plugins for various compatible applications.

They provide software solutions for any digital pixel manipulation problem. Add more to your videos and animation with the host of products from RE:Vision Effects.

The Rayfire tool helps you to break down, wreck, destroy, shoot and do much more. It helps you to demonstrate technical simulation and fragmentation.

This new 3D technology enables you to create natural elements like trees, plants, rocks and grass. You can use this to create more realistic terrains.

Cebas offers an assortment of propriety production solutions for visualization design organizations and VFX studios, including but not limited to GPU rendering software.

Getting perfect lighting is made easier with Lightmap that enables 3D artists to light their 3D imagery in new and innovative ways.

The Sweets for After Effect is a vector preset based script that will help you build smooth and easy-flowing animations with a few clicks.

Akvis offers a host of technologically enhanced tools for creative work. These include tools for airbrushing, adding frames and effects to your photos and do much more.

Nitro4d comes with amazing bundle of products which helps in speeding up your work, amazing help tool for AutoFracture and much more.

A digital toolbox that is meant to simulate lens flares, optical camera filters, compositing, photographic effects and more.

Enhance digital experiences and add value to your business or art with Adobe. It offers a wide range of services, some of which include Photoshop, Illustrator and Animator.

Empowering creative minds, Assimilate provides an interactive creative platform that can be used for compositing, colour, realtime dailies and more.

We have an exclusive training centre to train all our clients on both the Hardware and software's we deal with.

Black Magic Design - Da Vinci Resolve – Authorized Training Centre

We are the only Authorized training centre for Da vinci resolve in India.

There are many factors that go into making a film look cinematic, like lighting, blocking, and camera settings, but creating a good color grade is certainly somewhere near the top. If you're completely new to color grading, but are looking for an opportunity to really get a firm grasp of it (or even if you just want to learn a few new techniques), this intensive DaVinci Resolve class, which will teach you everything from the basics of the interface to advanced color control

We have the leading professional color grading artist, who takes classes regularly and also exposé you to the hands on training in the full fledged DI suit.

We are one-stop shop for the AV solutions with a complete range of solutions for 3D Animation, Creative Finishing, Games, Rendering, Broadcasting, Networks, Post-Production Houses, Cinematographers, Film Editors, and Visual Effects.

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We are one-stop shop for the Rendering and Archival a complete range of solutions for 3D Animation, Creative Finishing, Games, Rendering, Broadcasting, , Networks, Post-Production Houses, Cinematographers, Film Editors, and Visual Effects.

Make your projects more efficient and cost effective by outsourcing rendering to the experts.

We clearly understand your needs and offer appropriate rendering services in full HD/4K. We work with Baytree to offer you advance technology and a skilled team to deliver the best results, in the desired time.

We understand the problem faced by many companies to store the data.Data archives are very important for technical and creative reasons but why block space on your in-house storage systems?

Owing your own archival infrastructure is also cost and labour intensive. We have collaborated with telecom companies to provide cloud storage services. First, we assess the amount of data you need to archive, the duration, the frequency of data generation, we then advise you of the best solutions as per your requirements.

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